We bring focus to the work of artists who overcome various disabilities

We are a social enterprise who work hard to help artists with disabilities supplement their income. We work with creators and support groups across the continent to find high quality artwork with a unique story. We use this work to create a beautiful sets of work on our store.

When you see the stay smiling stamp, you know it was made by an artist who faces unique challenges.

Our Story

Our artists aren't just clients, they're literally our family and childhood friends. Our founder, David Drake, started this project to help his brother Chris earn a living. Seeing the potential, we decided to scale the site to help more artists.

A Social Business

Charities do good work that may not have the clearest business case. In contrast, there is a real market need for our work. This is why we have structured as a business and are determined to increase the sales of our artists' work so we can help them earn to their maximum potential.

80+ Guarantee
The well-being of our artists is of primary concern. After accounting for the costs of making our products and offering our services, we guarantee that a minimum of 80% of the profit goes back to the original artist. The remainder is used to support our site and to help us promote our artists' work.

Our partner network consists of charities across the continent that strive to provide individuals with special needs the services they need. Check the map to learn about and donate to our partners! Click here if you want to learn more about joining our partner network.


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Mississauga, Canada

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